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Precision electro-plating

Our customers are manufacturers of semiconductor components (microchips) which are used in computers, telephones, controllers, audio/video, cars, etc and almost any application you can think of. And their applications are growing each year.

Meco EDF+EPL 1800S Straight Line
Meco EDF+EPL 2400 U Shape Line
Meco EDF+EPL 2400S Straight Line

QA equipment

Quality management & control is a major aspect for which advanced equipment is required. To maintain the high quality standard, investments of specific inspection tools are done such as microscopes, laboratory analysis equipment, X-ray plating layer measurement system (see picture) etc.

Fully Automated Solderability Tester
Baking Oven

Highpressure waterjet

Before the plating layer is attached, the customer products have to undergo a special chemical cleaning treatment to remove any corrosion and particles. Multiple pre-treatment equipment has been installed at SA, such as A2-stripping, ultra-high pressure waterjet and chemical dipping machines.

Ultra-high Pressure Waterjet-stripping
Chemical Dipping Machines
Electro Deflasing

Annealing oven

Annealing Oven with Profile Indicator, real time profile monitoring software and special features.

Annealing Oven
Annealing Oven
Annealing Oven

Environmental facilities & waste treatment plant

SA is an environment-friendly and well organized company and certified for ISO 9001, ISO14000 and TS-16949 quality system certification. SA has installed a new Waste-Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and air-scrubbers, which are used to neutralize the disposed chemical waste and rinse water and filter the exhausted air from the production rooms. This WWTP is according to the highest and includes also future strict DOE requirements.

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste Water Treatment Plant